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CD Review; Chances Are from La Madness, due out June 29

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CD Review; Chances Are from La Madness, due out June 29

The debut CD doesn’t officially get released until June 29, but La Madness has hit the road and is promoting their new recording, Chances Are. The band is from Minneapolis and is named La Madness, but they don’t mind if you think it’s L.A. Madness. They definitely have a Southern California vibe. The band consists of lead singer Kurt Vatland, who wrote and lived all the songs, his brother-from-another-mother Riggs Kessler on lead guitar, young-pup Aaron Willey on drums, and newest member David Kittleson on bass.  Chances Are was produced and engineered by Bryan J. Mengy at Wild Sound & The Slam Room. It was mixed and mastered by Colt Leeb. La Madness has created their own genre, INDIE GRIND BLUES, and it all comes out in Chances Are.

Track 1, Misery, hits you square in the mouth with an L.A. flavor, talking about Hollywood scenery, living in the sun, stars on the sidewalk, and everyone looking alike and taking pieces of you. It’s about a new band stepping off the bus in SoCal for the first time, complete with making it home after the bar, going to bed with somebody beautiful, and having a drug dealer down the hall. Vatland’s powerful voice and song lyrics really shine through.  Mixed in with commanding riffs from Kessler, Misery begins your ride through some dark places.

Track 2, CC Club, is a drug-riddled story where “Times were tough and tough were times,” being lonely, and bottles taking the place of family. Dark places for the Blues, but La Madness grinds through.

Track 3, Got Me Wrong, is another song with a Sunset Boulevard sound. Adding in some harmonica, it’s a Bluesy Rock tune about loving and leaving. It accentuates the theme of women, drugs, and being a musician. Featured in this tune is a rocking guitar solo from Kessler, encouraged by Vatland’s, “Take it, Riggs.”

Track 4, Hella LA, is about being back in L.A., riding the bus, and hitting a few spots you can call your own. It’s a lonely tune where you are still standing in the parking lot all by yourself.  Hella LA features another great guitar solo, and cool sounds of  slides on the guitar strings. It’s very cool how the last note seems to just go on a little longer, and keeps you hanging on before fading out.

Track 5, Been Waiting, is more of a rock tune, sounding like an Everclear song. It’s about not saying the things you need to and maybe making the relationship last forever. But then what would you really be staying with all the lies? Maybe it’s more about missing the kissing.

Track 6, Rock N Roll Kennedy, cranks back up the INDIE GRIND BLUES, paying more homage to California, and all the wanna-be bands who want to become Rock N Roll royalty, complete with another solid Kessler solo.

Track 7, The Break, takes you on a flight about missing someone, and waiting for them to come clean with a call. It’s about heartbreak and things not being OK.

Track 8, She’s a Devil, is a grittier, dirtier tune about a devil’s heart and model’s face.

Track 9, Don’t Tell,is a Nirvana-ish tune, dark and dirty; confronting some nightmares from childhood.

Track 10, Got Me Wrong, (radio edit) wraps it up.

With a SoCal theme from La Madness, Chances Are takes you on a trip through some rough places, but it’s an awesome display of power. Power from the musicians and the lyrics. And if you listen to Track 1, Misery, backwards, it sounds a lot like Ratt’s Round and Round. What a great debut release! Look for it everywhere on June 29.

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